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Puerto Ricans Forced Out by the Hurricane Find Refuge in a Central Massachusetts City

A mother and daughter begin their new life on the mainland.

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After María, A Desperate Search to Locate and Help Family in Puerto Rico

A Chicago filmmaker’s journey of connecting and reuniting with her family


Central Florida Votes Puerto Rican: The Future of a Swing State and the Island in One Vote

Grooming a growing community to have long-term political impact.

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Commentary: 2012, A Milestone Year for U.S. Latinos

From politics to popular culture, 2012 was a year when Latinos in the U.S. broke into the mainstream.

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Puerto Rico Lost Population in Last Decade

Puerto Rico lost 82,821 people in the last ten years–did they go to New York, or newer enclaves in the US?

Giovanni Roberto Caez, a student activist at the University of Puerto Rico

Despite Violent Turn, New Yorkers Show Support for University of Puerto Rico Student Demonstrations

Days after a group of students at the University of Puerto Rico assaulted the school’s interim chancellor, Puerto Rican student activists received a sympathetic reception in New York City.

Puppet at a protest at the University of Puerto Rico - Photo: Solana Larsen

Student Uprising in Puerto Rico Reverberates in Congress

Students at the University of Puerto Rico are protesting a rise in tuition. Recently the protests took a violent turn and became an issue in Congress.

In Puerto Rico, Sotomayor Becomes a Celebrity and a Source of Hope for Self-Determination

San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Sonia Sotomayor has become a celebrity. (Photo: Valeria Fernández)

San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Sonia Sotomayor has become a celebrity. (Photo: Valeria Fernández)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Sonia Sotomayor has gone from virtually unknown to a symbol of national pride for Puerto Ricans after her nomination by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“This has been a major event in our country, very flattering,” said Marcial Díaz, 61, a Humacao resident who chose the Spanish word país, or country, to refer to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

“In Puerto Rico, they might not know how she decided even one of her cases but for them, and for us, she’s Puerto Rican,” said Susanne Ramírez de Arellano, news director at the Univisión affiliate in Puerto Rico.

“She is a heroine, as (Joe) Acaba, the astronaut, is a hero, as Benicio del Toro is a hero.”



First-Generation Immigrant Voters: The ‘Weird Dichotomy’ of Being Puerto Rican

Feet In 2 Worlds senior producer Jocelyn Gonzales wraps up her video series on first-generation voters with an interview with Andrea Moya, who was born in Puerto Rico in 1986 and moved to New York four years ago to attend college.

Moya, who is originally from Guaynabo, works in film development in New York. In the video, she explains the particular relationship Puerto Ricans have with U.S. politics –“a weird dichotomy,” she calls it–, since only those who live in one of the fifty states are allowed to vote in American elections.

While Andrea’s family in the islands is interested in the U.S. elections, they cannot participate. At the same time, she is not voting in Puerto Rico’s gubernatorial election, but she plans to cast a vote for Barack Obama Tuesday. This will be the second presidential election she has participated in.