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Podcast: Remembering Srini, a Leader in a Hidden Corner of New York

Sundaram Srinivasan was an important figure in a community that few New Yorkers have heard of, let alone visited.

Elias Garcia, a third grader at PS 24

Podcast: Immigrant Kids Gaining Despite Mixed Report Card for Brooklyn Dual Language School

At P.S. 24 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn kids, parents and teachers praise the school’s dual language curriculum. But many students under-perform on standardized tests, and the school got less-than-stellar grades in its report card.


Should Immigrant Kids Whose Second Language is English Have Extra Time to Finish High School?

It can take five to seven years for a kid with a non-English speaking background to learn proper academic English. Yet New York high schools that serve immigrants are under pressure to graduate their students in four years.

Julio Jaime, 17, at Manhattan International High School

Podcast: Budget Tug-of-War at Immigrant School: Better Class Instruction vs. Mental Health Services

Faced with limited resources a New York City high school for immigrant teenagers faces a tough choice on where to spend its money.