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Commentary: No Surprise, Gays Left Out of Immigration Reform Bill

Gay bi-national couples are not included in the Senate immigration bill. Erwin de Leon says that makes the bill comprehensive, but not inclusive.

Commentary: Will the “New” Consensus on Immigration Work with the Old?

A group of conservative faith, law enforcement, and business leaders call for bipartisan immigration reform. Erwin de Leon says this could be the start of something new.

Commentary: Will Immigration Reform Be Comprehensive and Inclusive?

FI2W’s Erwin de Leon worries that compromise on immigration reform could leave out binational LGBT families.

Commentary: Discretion Policy on Deportations of Gay Immigrant Spouses Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Columnist Erwin de Leon argues that a recent letter from DHS Secretary Napolitano isn’t the welcome news that many gay immigrant advocates believe it to be.

Latin Evangelical Immigration Services

De Leon: Evangelicals Are Polarizing the Immigrant Rights Movement

As the Latino population grows in the evangelical church, many Christian groups are embracing immigration reform. But their stance on LGBT issues makes some partners in the national immigrant rights movement uncomfortable.

U.S. Recognizes Binational Marriages with Trans Spouses

Under an interim policy announced last week immigration authorities will recognize heterosexual marriages when one member of the couple is transgender.

De Leon: Constitutionality of DOMA Challenged in Court by Gay Binational Couples

Five lesbian and gay couples filed suit in federal court on Monday, challenging Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which prevents American citizens from sponsoring same-gender spouses for legal permanent residency.

De Leon: Gay Binational Couples Fight Back

After last week’s commentary on the response of gay binational couples to new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deportation guidelines, Fi2W blogger Erwin De Leon received quite a few heated reactions.

De Leon: Gay Binational Couples React to DHS Deportation Guidance

LGBT couples are upset that DHS’ new guidelines do not signal reprieve for binational couples in which one partner is an American citizen and the other an immigrant at risk of deportation.

De Leon: Confusion and Frustration Over Obama’s Deportation Policy

Undocumented immigrants hopeful for a resolution of their legal status cannot count on the Obama administration’s new policy of prosecutorial discretion to solve their woes.