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Is it Safe Here? – Redefining Sanctuary in the Trump Era

A message from Fi2W’s Executive Producer

Pro immigrant rally Ted Eytan

Podcast: How Safe is a Sanctuary City?

The legal challenges facing communities that protect immigrants.


Obama or Perry (or Romney) – Does it Make a Difference to Immigrants?

Columnist Erwin de Leon says voters in next year’s presidential election will have a choice between GOP candidates who favor enforcement-only immigration policies and a president who says the right words but has yet to deliver on immigration reform.

How can communities manage undocumented immigrants? Keep an eye on Connecticut.

This Thursday, New Haven, Connecticut will mark its one-year anniversary as the first city in the nation to provide identification cards to undocumented immigrants which allow them access to local government services.

Despite harsh criticism and legal challenges the city has issued more than 6,000 Elm City Resident Cards since the program began last summer. Kica Matos, an administrator for New Haven’s Community Development Dept., says that the city has benefited along with immigrants, especially in crime prevention, because immigrants no longer fear that local police will turn them over to federal immigration authorities if they come forward with information about a crime. She has also taken New Haven’s program on the road. Matos just returned from a trip to California, where she advised cities including Los Angeles, on how to create their own identity cards.

Hartford, Connecticut is also considering a proposal that would allow the city to qualify as a so-called “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants.