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A Diverse Team, A Unique Perspective

Covering the news from an immigrant journalist’s point of view.


How to Get More Latino’s to Vote? Make Them Laugh at Themselves.

An open letter to comedian George Lopez from our friends at NewsTaco.


On Eve of Arizona Primary, a Look at Latino Voters in the State

On our radio partner WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, Phoenix based reporter Valeria Fernandez gave insight into how Latinos are eyeing the GOP candidates.


2011 Saw Gains for Arizona’s Pro-Immigrant Movement

One year after SB 1070 made Arizona infamous for harsh anti-immigration policies, the law’s architects encountered a harsh backlash: State Senator Russell Pearce was recalled from office and Sheriff Joe Arpaio was slammed with a scathing report from the DOJ.


Could Arpaio’s Endorsement Hurt Perry?

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” gave Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry his endorsement, but what’s it worth? Some in Arizona say it might be more beneficial for Arpaio than for Perry.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Documentary on Arizona Immigration Debate Shines Light on Two Iconic Figures

Fi2W’s Valeria Fernandez and filmmaker Dan De Vivo are completing work on “Two Americans,” a film that focuses on Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and a nine year old girl whose immigrant parents were arrested by his deputies.

Maricopa County Sherrif Joe Arpaio - Photo: Cobalt123/flickr

Justice Department Sues Country’s “Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been sued for not turning over documents to federal officials investigating his department. Fi2W’s Valeria Fernandez broke down the lawsuit on PRI’s The Takeaway.

Opponents of SB 1070 Celebrated After A Federal Judge's Injunction

Opponents of SB 1070 Say Fight Is Not Over

Immigrants in Arizona are relieved SB 1070 was blocked by an injunction, but they say their position continues to be perilous, and the fight is far from over.

Katherine Figuera in Washington, DC - Photo: Valeria Fernandez

A Child of Undocumented Immigrants on Capitol Hill

10 year old Katherine Figueroa traveled to Washington, D.C. to speak to members of Congress about the potential impact of Arizona’s SB 1070 on children.

Tens of Thousands March in Phoenix Against SB 1070 - Photo: José Muñoz

A Year After Arrest, Immigrant Family Marches Against SB 1070

Detained in an immigration raid and subsequently released, the Figueroas were among the thousands who protested in Phoenix on Saturday.