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2012 Ushers in New Laws Impacting Immigrants

As of January 1, 2012, five more states require the use of E-Verify to check work authorization status of new hires, while California took the opposite stance and made it illegal for municipalities to mandate that companies use the program unless required by federal law.


Mexican Senators Come to U.S. in Hopes of Influencing Immigration Debate

Mexican officials are in the U.S. to advocate for more humane treatment of their nationals. They are visiting U.S. Senators in Alabama, Arizona and other states that recently passed harsh laws targeting undocumented migrants.

A classroom in Birmingham, AL

De Leon: Alabama’s Immigration Law Fails Our Future

Alabama’s new law requires schools to check student birth certificates for immigration status. It’s causing thousands of families to pull their children out of school, and is another indication of how the U.S. is failing to educate its Latino youth.

Documented and undocumented youth rally for passage of the Dream Act in Times Square - Photo: Sarah Kramer

De Leon: State DREAM Acts: Far from Fulfilling the Dream

A few states have passed their own versions of the federal DREAM Act that allow undocumented youth to access in-state tuition rates. But what good will it do if the students cannot work once they graduate?

Immigrant farmworkers are fleeing Georgia in response to anti-immigrant measures

Georgia’s Immigration Law Hurts Farms and the State Economy

Fi2W columnist Erwin de Leon says Georgia’s new immigration law isn’t just affecting undocumented farmworkers, it’s having a negative impact on the lives and well-being of ordinary citizens, including those who supported the get-tough policy.

State Sen. Russell Pearce – Photo: Valeria Fernández.

Conservative Lawmakers Push Anti-Immigrant Legislation in Arizona

Republican lawmakers are pushing for laws that would allow police to arrest undocumented migrants for “trespassing” in the state or for standing on a sidewalk to look for work.

¡Si Se Puede! by Corazon Girl/Flickr

Arizona March for Immigrant Rights Draws National Support

Pro-immigrant and civil rights groups from across the country will march in Phoenix this Saturday to denounce what they call the criminalization of undocumented immigrants in the area.

The Year in Review: Arizona Immigrants Face New Year With Old Fears

For Arizona immigrants 2009 was the year of raids in workplaces, traffic stops that led to deportations and reports of violations of human and civil rights.

Children of deported parents get Christmas gifts from an Arizona church – Photo: Valeria Fernández

Their Parents Deported, Arizona Children Get Christmas Gifts from Churches

On the face of an increase in the number of parents deported from Maricopa County, a local church decided to organize a Christmas gift-giving event for the first time this year.


Undocumented Immigrants in Arizona: FI2W’s Valeria Fernández on New America Now Radio

Feet in 2 Worlds reporter Valeria Fernández was interviewed on the latest edition of the New America Now radio program to talk about the recent passage of a law in Arizona that forces public employees to report undocumented immigrants to the authorities if they apply for federal or state benefits.