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The Economic Toll of Increased Immigration Enforcement – NYC Street Vendors Suffer Losses

A dramatic drop in business at a time when the economy is said to be rebounding.

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Oakland Street Food: Meet the Vendors Who Make It

Part of our coverage of street vendors around the country – from our friends at Oakland Local.

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Chicago’s Tamal Underground

From our friends at In These Times.

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Despite Low Wages, Street Vendors See Freedom as a Big Reward

“What I produce, I produce for me,” says a veteran vendor in this video.

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Video: Faced With Restrictions, NYC Street Vendors Push Back

Part of our series Street Food: Meet the People Who Make It

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Feeding the Street: The Untold Story of Women Vendors in New York 

NYC has about 25-thousand street vendors, nearly half are women.


Getting to Know Your Local NYC Street Vendor

New York City’s 20,000 vendors are the one constant as reliable as the buildings themselves, but who are these people we pass every day?