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East Haven

Telling Great Stories while Balancing on Media’s Cutting Edge

From a former Fi2W journalist-turned Internet entrepreneur.


Podcast: African Immigrants Transform Conference Calls Into Radio

This week’s podcast features a story produced by Abdulai Bah for our radio partner WNYC. Bah explains how West African immigrants in the U.S. use free conference-call services—like those used in office meetings—to DJ their own radio shows.

Souleymane Diallo

Free Conference Call Services are a Vital Link for African Immigrants

Entrepreneurial African immigrants are using conference call technology to distribute “radio stations” that can be dialed into from anywhere in the world. Listen to the story Abdulai Bah produced for our partner, WNYC Radio.

Cruise ship of the coast of Miami

Startup Hopes to Hack the Immigration System With a Floating Incubator

A new company called Blueseed is hoping to circumnavigate the stagnation of the immigration system and bring highly skilled immigrants to work 12 miles off of the California coast.

Happy Thanksgiving

Putting a Human Face on the Immigration Debate

An online project from the Center for Community Change highlights the human element of the debate over immigration, telling the stories of America’s newest residents.