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Priscilla Chan and her beau, Mark Zuckerberg

BuzzFeed: Priscilla Chan is Every Tiger Mom’s Dream Child

Countless Chinese American daughters probably sighed when the ZuckerChan nuptials were announced. Because they knew they’d be getting a call from their mothers wondering why they weren’t more like her. An essay by Yin Wai from BuzzFeed.

A true tiger mother - Photo: Orchidgalore/flickr

Immigrant Parenting: Tiger Moms, Mouse Mothers and Earning Your Child’s Respect

While Amy Chua’s recent essay has created a new image of Chinese parenting, many different parenting styles are practiced by Chinese Americans.

The author (right) and her sister

Reflections of an Indian-American Daughter: Amy Chua, Tiger Moms, and Raising the Perfect Kid

Aswini Anburajan’s Indian immigrant parents set high standards for her and her younger sister. One sister followed the rules, the other defied them, with surprising results for the entire family.