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Critics on Both Sides Dismiss White House Immigration Conference

Perhaps the most notable absence at Tuesday’s meeting with President Obama was immigration reform champion Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

Student Uprising in Puerto Rico Reverberates in Congress

Students at the University of Puerto Rico are protesting a rise in tuition. Recently the protests took a violent turn and became an issue in Congress.

Gutiérrez to DREAM Act Supporters: Put Pressure on Republicans

Illinois Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez wants to focus on passage of the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill during the lame duck session. In New York over the weekend, the leader in the fight for immigration reform signaled a shift in tactics.

A Flurry of Immigration Reform Legislation as Congress Goes Into Recess

Two new immigration bills have been introduced in the Senate. Meanwhile Bloomberg and Murdoch brought their pro-reform message to Congress.

Immigration, Immigration Everywhere as Arizona Deadline Looms

In the weekend after the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for pre-empting federal immigration policy, political leaders were all over the national media talking about the issue.

Schumer-Graham Immigration Reform Plan May Have Found 2nd GOP Supporter in Cornyn

Hours before Sens. Schumer and Graham presented their blueprint for immigration reform, Texas Sen. Jon Cornyn said he is committed to finding “common ground” on the issue.

Obama Meeting on Immigration Reform, A Pre-Emptive Strike Against Demonstration?

The president will talk immigration with Sens. Schumer and Graham Monday evening, but a potentially massive march for immigration reform looms ahead.

Immigration Reform Bill Sparks Cautious Optimism and Lots of Questions Among Immigrants in Arizona

In Arizona, which has been at the forefront of hard-line immigration initiatives, news of a bill that would allow the legalization of millions of undocumented workers brought some relief but also questions about the likely fate of those who’ve been swept up in the state’s law enforcement dragnet.

Immigration Debate Returns to Capitol Hill with Gutierrez’s CIR ASAP Bill

Saying “the time for waiting is over,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez announced his comprehensive immigration reform bill, “the product of months of collaboration with civil rights advocates, labor organizations, and members of Congress.”

In Virtual Town Hall with Immigration Reform Activists, Gutierrez Promises Bill By December

Activists gathered Wednesday night at house parties across the country in a day of action for comprehensive immigration reform organized by the Reform Immigration for America campaign.