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Children of deported parents get Christmas gifts from an Arizona church – Photo: Valeria Fernández

A New Sanctuary Movement Supports Undocumented Immigrants

How religious congregations are assisting some of the newest immigrants

darlin adonay pena_child migrant

Hope and Pain – The Story of an Unaccompanied Minor

Despite getting a second chance after arriving in the US, Darlin Adonay Peña faces an uncertain future.

Children sleeping in detention facilities

Underground Networks Spring Up to Support Child Migrants

In response to growing numbers of anti-immigrant groups, an informal network emerges to provide humanitarian aid to undocumented child migrants and their families.

child on Mexican side of border

Debunking Myths About Migrant Children from Central America

A woman who fled El Salvador nine years ago offers her perspective on the latest wave of child migrants.


Immigration News Picks 10/01/12: A Shortage of Immigrant Workers for Upstate NY’s Booming Dairy Industry

Demand for yogurt has been a boon to New York dairies, but some say immigration enforcement is limiting the number of dairy workers.