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Mexican Senators Come to U.S. in Hopes of Influencing Immigration Debate

Mexican officials are in the U.S. to advocate for more humane treatment of their nationals. They are visiting U.S. Senators in Alabama, Arizona and other states that recently passed harsh laws targeting undocumented migrants.

De Leon: Obama Administration Signals DREAMer Reprieve

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that undocumented children and youth eligible for the federal DREAM Act, as well as others not deemed to be serious criminal threats, will not be deported. Once their outstanding deportation cases are closed, these individuals will be able to apply for work authorization.

Proposed GOP Budget Cuts to Hit Hispanics Hard

Proposed cuts to Head Start, college aid and food assistance programs would impact Latinos across the U.S.

‘Brain Waste’ – Underutilizing Immigrant Talent

More than 1.3 million college-educated immigrants are unemployed or underemployed in the U.S., working in low-skilled or semi-skilled jobs.

Report: U.S. Immigration Enforcement Program Leading to Deportation of Low Level Offenders

A new report shows wide differences across the country in a program allowing local authorities to enforce federal immigration laws. In some places 287(g) is leading to the deportation of undocumented immigrants accused of serious crimes, but in other areas immigrants arrested for traffic violations are being deported.

A Flurry of Immigration Reform Legislation as Congress Goes Into Recess

Two new immigration bills have been introduced in the Senate. Meanwhile Bloomberg and Murdoch brought their pro-reform message to Congress.


DJ Wanako: Reaching Hispanic Immigrants and Building Community Through Radio

Watch a video about a Salvadoran DJ in Washington, DC who brought the community together though music, and became an accidental activist for immigrant rights.