Unidos comes from Feet in 2 Worlds, an award-winning website and producer of podcasts and reports for public radio. Based at The New School in New York City, Feet in 2 Worlds tells the stories of today’s immigrants to the rest of America.

The app is part of Feet in 2 Worlds’ ongoing commitment to coverage of Latinos in U.S. elections. Starting in 2008, when we sponsored a multimedia project La Ruta del Voto Latino and offered a wide variety of immigrant perspectives on that year’s historic campaign and election, Fi2W has focused on the unique opportunities and challenges facing the Latino electorate.

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To develop Unidos Feet in 2 Words partnered with L+R, a leading user experience and interactive creative agency with offices in NYC, LA and Barcelona. In addition to their commercial work, L+R has a commitment to leading strategic and creative technology projects for social good. 

Feet in 2 Worlds

John Rudolph, Executive Producer, Feet in 2 Worlds

Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang, Engagement and Technology Manager, Feet in 2 Worlds

Pablo Medina Uribe, Editor in Chief, Unidos

Stephanie Rodriguez, Social Media and Special Projects Manager, Unidos

Rachael Bongiorno, Associate Editor, Feet in 2 Worlds



Alex Levin, Co-Founder + Strategy Director, L+R

Ryan Riegner, Co-Founder + Aesthetic Director, L+R

Ivan Leider, Technical Director, L+R

Chris Martinie, Lead Designer, L+R

Felipe Guzman, Political Strategist, L+R

Mariangel Briceño, Designer & Illustrator


Advisory Board

Valeria Fernandez, Independent Journalist/Film Maker, Phoenix

Martina Guzmàn, Producer/Feature Reporter, Detroit

Catalina Jaramillo, Journalist/Radio Producer, Philadelphia

Pilar Marrero, Senior Political Writer, La Opinion (Los Angeles)

Rosalind Tordesillas, Journalist, New York City

Veronica Zaragovia, Radio Journalist, Miami

Why An App for Young Latino Voters?

Every year an estimated 800-thousand young latinos turn 18 – voting age! An almost equal number of immigrants from Latin America become naturalized U.S. citizens each year. By November 2016 the ranks of eligible Latino voters will have grown by 4 to 6-million since the 2012 presidential election.

Unidos encourages Latino millennials to register and vote. And it will help them become informed voters.

Immigrant voters, especially Latinos, played a key role in the last 2 presidential contests, and are expected to be similarly pivotal in 2016. But while Hispanics have voted in record numbers in recent years, their turnout rate continues to lag behind whites and blacks. In addition, traditionally in American elections, young people have stood out for their consistently low levels of electoral participation.

Unidos features a feed of timely and engaging news about the candidates and the issues from a range of media outlets. At the same time Unidos will offer information that all voters need – how to register, where to vote, help with early voting, and what to do if you are challenged at the polls.

Unidos uses a variety of media to engage the audience including short videos, games, audio, emojis, and social media.

Unidos focuses primarily on states where Latino voters were a pivotal factor in the outcome of the past two presidential elections. These include Florida, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Virginia and Ohio as well as New York, where Feet in 2 Worlds is located and Texas and California, the states with the largest Latino populations.

Fi2W is supported by the David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation, the Ralph E. Odgen Foundation, the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation, an anonymous donor and readers like you.

The Unidos mobile app is made possible by generous contributions to a crowd source fundraising campaign onBeaconreader and a grant from the J.M. Kaplan Fund.