Whispers of Immigration Reform on Capitol Hill

Is Congress up for a debate on immigration reform this year?

Is Congress up for a debate on immigration reform this year? (Photo: Elliot P.)

Lindsey Graham is back on the immigration reform wagon, according to Politico. The Republican senator from South Carolina has reportedly made up with New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, after Graham soured the relationship by walking out on talks last spring.

Their talks are in their “infant stages,”  but the senators are reportedly reaching out to a bipartisan group, including Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who voted to end debate on the DREAM Act in December.

But it will take more Republicans than Graham and possibly Murkowski to make reform a reality. Last week, President Obama met with Senator John McCain, his former rival, and discussed immigration, among other issues. If McCain came back to immigration reform after his election-period hiatus it could be called a ‘flip flop flap’—but it would seriously benefit the movement to have a champion from Arizona.

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