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The Time Is NowMonday, May 23, 3PM – 8PM
The New School – 61 W 11th Street, NYC

Deadline to Apply: May 2, 2016
Tuition: Free for Accepted Applicants

A workshop for journalists in community + ethnic media

The change is visible. 2015 was the hottest summer ever recorded in New York City.  Heat waves and extreme precipitation are expected to continue and worsen in the coming decades, posing potential health risks for people, and new stresses to the city’s economy and infrastructure. Hurricane Sandy, in 2012, was a cruel reminder of how vulnerable our communities are, especially immigrant neighborhoods.

How do we prepare our audiences to build strategies and political power to address adversity and adapt successfully?

Join us for a workshop that will broaden your understanding of climate change and give you new tools and resources to create engaging stories.  You’ll come away with:

  • A deeper understanding of how climate change impacts New York City.
  • A better sense of the risks, challenges and opportunities facing immigrant communities.
  • Connections to important voices and sources for your reporting.
  • Story ideas and new strategies for covering climate change, resiliency and sustainability.

The workshop is free and open to journalists who work for media outlets that serve immigrant audiences in the NY metro area and New School students who are working or aspiring journalists.

Meet our confirmed speakers:

Panel 1 – What do we need to know about climate change in NYC?

Robert Freudenberg
Daniel Bader

Panel 2 – Risks, challenges and opportunities for immigrant communities.

Ya-Ting Liu
Michael Shaikh
Aurash Khawarzad

Panel 3 – How to engage your audience.

Brian Kahn


Speaker Bios:

Daniel Bader is a Research Analyst at Columbia University’s Center for Climate Systems Research. One of his primary responsibilities is developing climate scenarios to be used for adaptation planning. 

Through his work, Mr. Bader has extensive experience with preparing and communicating climate science information to policy makers, specifically in New York City and New York State. Mr. Bader’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from Cornell and Master of Arts in Climate and Society from Columbia.

Robert Freudenberg is director of Region Plan Association’s  energy and environmental programs, leading the organization’s  initiatives in areas including climate mitigation and adaptation, open  space conservation and park development, and water resource  management. He oversees a comprehensive program of projects and policies to improve public health, quality of life, sustainable development and climate resilience in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan area. Rob works closely with other RPA staff to integrate these objectives with RPA’s economic, transportation, land use, design and community development initiatives.

Brian Kahn is a Senior Science Writer at Climate Central. He  previously worked at the International Research Institute for  Climate and Society and partnered with climate.gov to produce  multimedia stories, manage social media campaigns and develop version 2.0 of climate.gov. His writing has also appeared in the  Wall Street Journal, Grist, the Daily Kos, Justmeans and the Yale Forum on Climate Change in the Media. He holds an M.A. in Climate and Society from Columbia University.  @blkahn

 Aurash Khawarza is the Policy Coordinator at We Act for  Environmental Justice were he worked in the Northern  Manhattan Climate Action Plan. Other of his projects are  Waycount, a tool for community-based transportation planning,  and the redevelopment of the 135th Street Marine Waste Transfer Station, among others. He’s also a lecturer on urban planning at The New School. @Khawarzad

Ya-Ting Liu is Director of the New York League of  Conservation Voters’ New York City Sustainability Program.  She has extensive experience in organizing communities, particularly around sustainability and transit issues in the  New York City region. @yating_liu

Michael Shaikh is Deputy Director for External Affairs, New York City Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency. @michaelshaikh

If you have questions, please email us at climate@feetin2worlds.org.

Support for this workshop comes from the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation.