A Contrarian View of Latino Voters

Today's stories in the NY Daily News on Latino voters

Writing in today’s New York Daily News, Feet in Two Worlds blog editor Diego Graglia writes,

Despite ambitious voter registration drives by Hispanic advocacy groups this year, it still remains to be seen whether the election will be the breakthrough they expect.

Despite predictions of record turnout by Hispanic voters on November 4, Diego spoke with a Latino pollster in Florida who said Latino voters may not be as excited about the presidential candidates as some people assume they are.

Click here and here to read Diego’s stories and here for a photo slideshow.

Journalist Diego Graglia recently traveled from New York City to Mexico City, stopping along the way to talk to Latinos in small towns and big cities about the issues that matter to them. For more on La Ruta del Voto Latino/The Road to the Latino Vote visit www.newyorktomexico.com.


  1. Vicente Duque

    Mr John Rudolph
    and Mr Diego Graglia :

    The Latino vote could be between 9 and 10 million.

    I expect a Big Turnout of Latinos and a Latino Landslide for Obama.

    I am very optimistic about the Southwest : New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. These three states plus the Kerry States would define the election for Obama.

    Latinos could help a lot in Virginia and North Carolina.

    Florida is not so easy for Obama :

    The Latino Vote in Florida could be closer to 10% of the State Vote.

    Cubans vote Republican and Puerto Ricans ( very abundant in FL ) vote Democrat.

    Many varieties of Latinos in Florida. Colombians and Venezuelans are the most recent arrivals during the past decade. Some of them are new registrants.

    Unfortunately for Democrats those Colombians and Venezuelans can be easy pray for the Republican Party, due to their experiences in their own countries, the FARC guerrillas and the Crazy Absurd Leftist Guy that Chavez is.

    Those South American immigrants may have some “Post Stress Disorder” or Perturbation and they may relate Obama ( mistakenly ) as a Leftist.

    Obama is years light removed from a guerrilla assasin and terrorist in Colombia or a red shirt Chavista fool, a lazy guy that does not work and is bought by the petrodollars that rain over Venezuela.

    There are Demographic Forces in the USA, the Non White population is not increasing and the Non Whites are fast growing. There is also Latino and Asian Immigration.

    By year 2042, Whites will be a minority.

    Those forces will help the OBAMA COALITION in the Future ( for reelection in 2012 and so on ) and will shape the Future of the USA.



    Vicente Duque

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