Filipino Domestic Workers Flee War in Syria, Return Home to No Work

Aurora Almendral reports for PRI’s The World on the challenges faced by Filipino domestic workers in Syria.


Undocumented, Paying Taxes, Hoping for Immigration Reform

Fi2W contributor Aurora Almendral talked to undocumented immigrants who pay income tax in anticipation of immigration reform.


Could New York be Close to Electing its First Latino Mayor?

New York city has a large and diverse Latino population. A successful candidate would have to run on the issues.

Food In 2 Worlds

Immigrant Farmworkers, a Hidden Part of NY’S Local Food Movement

In New York State, many labor laws don’t apply to farmworkers who often work 60 to 80 hours a week. FI2W contributor Aurora Almendral went upstate for our radio partner WNYC to investigate.


Crops Rot due to Lack of Workers—Farmers Talk of Immigration Reform

In Arizona, home of SB 1070, the head of the state farm bureau seeks reforms that make it easier for migrant workers to cross the border to work in U.S. fields.


Immigration News Picks 9/20/2012: Romney and the Latino vote, Report Shows Racial Profiling of Hispanics in North Carolina

A roundup of news from the presidential campaign and other stories from around the nation.


Muslim Immigrants in a Brooklyn Neighborhood Walk a Careful Line in Wake of Anti-US Violence

Defending Islam against an anti-Muslim video as well as anti-U.S. violence in the Middle East.

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Food in 2 Worlds™ Podcast: First Comes Filipino Immigration then a Jollibee Restaurant

Jollibee restaurants have taken American food that was imposed on Filipinos during the colonial period and made it something that Filipino immigrants can be proud of.

Jose Busca Legalizarse

A New Kind of Comic Book Superhero? José Busca Legalizarse

A new graphic novel features an unlikely hero — an undocumented immigrant who battles fraudulent immigration services.

Charles Bibilos with Chef Jeannie Ongkeo at Mangez Avec Moi
Food In 2 Worlds

Food in 2 Worlds: One Man’s Quest to Taste Food from Every Nation, Without Leaving NYC

Charles Bibilos is creating his own United Nations of food by seeking out cooks from every nation in the world, all within the confines of New York’s five boroughs.