Commentary: Congress’s Green Card Debate – Should Highly Skilled Immigrants Get Priority?

Fi2W columnist Erwin de Leon says the U.S. needs more highly skilled immigrant workers, but not at the expense of other immigrants who also contribute to the economy.


Commentary: The Chicago Teacher’s Strike, Public Education, and Immigrants

The Chicago teacher’s strike is in its fifth day. Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon thinks the outcome will be particularly important for immigrants.


Commentary: The Choice is Clear for Immigrants

This November, Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon will be supporting the party that listens to immigrant voices.


Despite Display of Diversity, GOP Actions and Words Send Hostile Message to Immigrants

Republicans are trying to appeal to immigrants and people of color with a diverse cast of convention speakers. But Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon says the GOP’s message is anti-immigrant.


Despite Legalized Gay Marriage, a Missing Piece for Immigrants

Part of Erwin de Leon’s American dream was to live openly and with integrity. In this commentary he tells us why gay marriage is his issue.


Gearing Up for Deferred Action

In the run up to the “deferred action” program, undocumented youth are figuring out how to navigate the process.


Romney-Ryan Ticket Bad for Immigrants

Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential candidate, shares Mitt Romney’s hardline stance on immigration. A Romney-Ryan administration would not be as friendly to immigrants as the Obama administration argues Erwin de Leon.


Brought to the US by Indian Immigrants, Sikhism Still Misunderstood Wisconsin Shooting Shows

Soon after the rampage in which 6 worshipers died, Sikhs started correcting and criticizing news reports that incorrectly characterized their religion.


The U.S. Olympic Team Tells the Story of Immigration, Offers a Vision of Unity

Erwin de Leon sees not only athletic excellence, but a model for what America can look like as a multicultural and pluralistic society.

Barbed wire

The Devastating Results of Immigrant Detention and Deportation Practices in NYC

U.S. immigration authorities have been using the city’s criminal justice system to funnel tens of thousands of immigrants into deportation, where 91 percent of those detained lost their cases.