Author: Rosalind Tordesillas

Bio: Rosalind Tordesillas trained and worked as a social scientist and now explores people's experiences through audio storytelling. She produces and edits podcasts on immigrant life for Feet in 2 Worlds. She also contributes to the Community Oral History Project at the New York Public Library. She has graduate degrees from the New School and NYU in Social Psychology.


Podcast: Finding Joy – A Story of Escape from Domestic Abuse

Posted on: 11 Jan 2021

Exploring the impact of domestic violence on Asian immigrant women.

Fi2W on the Radio: Filipino Fast Food Comes to Manhattan

Posted on: 09 Nov 2018

Jollibee opens near Times Square.

Fi2W on the Radio: A Sisyphean Art Installation Comes To A Natural End

Posted on: 05 Sep 2018

The latest from our podcast editor Rosalind Tordesillas.

Fi2W on the Radio: Filipino Food Shame – Is it ‘Hiya’ or History?

Posted on: 13 Apr 2018

Fi2W’s Rosalind Tordesillas reported this story for PRI’s The World

A Homeless Refugee from Zimbabwe Finds New Opportunities Through Cooking

Posted on: 12 Dec 2017

A dinner series featuring refugee chefs helps Tatenda Ngwaru survive in her new home.

Podcast: Challenges to Sanctuary Policies Put New Focus on NYC’s Municipal ID Program

Posted on: 27 Jul 2017

Undocumented people weigh the costs and benefits of the municipal ID card.

Look What I Brought You – The Dream City Podcast, Episode 4

Posted on: 06 Jan 2016

A story about what you choose to take home and what you bring back.

Mona Escapes – The Dream City Podcast, Episode 1

Posted on: 08 Sep 2015

Listen to the story of Mona, a woman who left the Philippines for a better life in the U.S., and ended up having to escape from an abusive employer.