Podcast: Challenges to Sanctuary Policies Put New Focus on NYC’s Municipal ID Program

The United Sherpa Association Community Center in Queens, host of an IDNYC pop up enrollment center; photo: Rosalind Tordesillas

New York’s municipal ID program was launched in January 2015 to help undocumented immigrants and others who are unable to obtain other forms of government identification. Demand for the card is strong despite concerns that information collected as part of the IDNYC application process could make undocumented immigrants more vulnerable to being discovered and deported.

The Trump administration’s policy of stepped-up deportations of undocumented immigrants has created new challenges for the municipal ID program.  Rosalind Tordesillas spoke with immigrants and policy makers about the benefits and concerns facing IDNYC today.

Cover photo courtesy of the Mayor’s Office

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AboutRosalind Tordesillas
Rosalind Tordesillas trained and worked as a social scientist and now explores people's experiences through audio storytelling. She produces and edits podcasts on immigrant life for Feet in 2 Worlds. She also contributes to the Community Oral History Project at the New York Public Library. She has graduate degrees from the New School and NYU in Social Psychology.