Female Day Laborers in Brooklyn: FI2W‘s Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska in The New York Times Online

Female day laborers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Photo: Marcin Zurawicz

Female day laborers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Photos: Marcin Zurawicz)

Feet in 2 Worlds and Nowy Dziennik/Polish Daily News reporter Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska portrays the daily struggle of Latina and Polish women who wait for domestic work daily at a longtime day laborer pickup spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in her latest story for The New York Times’ “City Room” blog.

Female day laborers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Photos: Marcin Zurawicz.

Ewa narrates how the spot’s demographics have changed over the years, as more Poles choose to settle in European Union countries instead of the U.S. and more Latina workers are laid off in the garment, manufacturing and other industries.

“Two, three years ago, I used to get a job every day within a few minutes of waiting here,” said a woman named Krystyna, 45, who lives nearby in Greenpoint. “Now I get it two, three times a week at best. And I have to wait at least one and a half to two hours.”

The story was published Thursday in City Room.

Female day laborers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Photos: Marcin Zurawicz.

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