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Fi2W on the Radio: The dessert with roots in the Dominican Republic that I will not give up

Fi2W’s food journalism fellow, Katherine Hernandez reported this story for PRI’s The World


My Hijab, My Body: The Video

A Brooklyn woman expresses her feminism and her Muslim heritage.


My Hijab, My Body – The Journey of a Tattooed Yemeni Feminist: The Fi2W Podcast

A young Muslim woman defies expectations to create her own path.


99 Cent Store – The Fi2W Podcast

A sound-rich journey into a world full of surprises.


My Body Remembers What Happened – the Dream City Podcast, Episode 6

Mersiha Mesihovic confronts the trauma of her past and her struggle for self-liberation through dance.


Phillipe Nover ‘The Filipino Assassin’ is a Healing Nurse

The challenge of being a nurse by day and a fighter at night.


New York’s Muslim Geography, from Apartment Mosques to Prayers in the Street

With some 350 mosques, NYC offers a wide variety of approaches to Islam.


Red Hook Residents Take on Climate Change

Residents from Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhood prepare for another storm.