Author: Jocelyn Gonzales

Bio: Jocelyn Gonzales, Technical Director and Senior Producer, is a freelance radio producer in New York City. Her work has been featured on WNYC News, Studio 360, Soundcheck, Marketplace, Weekend America, Sound Money, Radiolab, Musicians Radio, Ear Studio, the Bowery Poetry Club, Minnesota Public Radio, Strange Music and Re:Sound. She was part of the team that created Studio 360, and she was the producer for DishNow Hear This! and The Conversation on WNYC. Jocelyn is a full-time faculty member at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in the sound design department, and was the principal advisor to the campus radio station, WNYU AM/FM, for several years. She is also a podcast producer at The New York Times.


My Body Remembers What Happened – the Dream City Podcast, Episode 6

Posted on: 14 Sep 2016

Mersiha Mesihovic confronts the trauma of her past and her struggle for self-liberation through dance.

Fi2W’s Greatest Hits – Radio Stories and Podcasts from the Last 10 Years

Posted on: 12 May 2015

Audio highlights of the past decade.

Schooled by Their Mothers, These Men Carry On Family Recipes

Posted on: 03 Sep 2014

More great stories from the hosts of About Men radio.

Bronx Stories – Keeping Meat on the Table and Honoring Mom

Posted on: 29 Aug 2014

For two guys who grew up in The Bronx, hearty meat dishes they learned from women in their families connect them to their immigrant roots. John O’Connell and Richard Rodriguez are both hosts for About Men Radio. O’Connell, the youngest of four boys, makes Irish beef stew, a recipe handed down from his grandmother to […]

Men, Their Mothers, and Food

Posted on: 25 Aug 2014

We teamed up with About Men Radio and Cowbird to bring you these audio stories.

Homesick: Dominican Poet Francis Mateo on Washington Heights, Nostalgia, and Identity

Posted on: 28 Apr 2014

“My American Dream is creating … as an actor, as an artist as a poet.”

‘My Lolo Screamed at Me: Why Are You Telling the Family Stories?’

Posted on: 23 Sep 2011

Performance artist and activist Kilusan Bautista has a personal brand of hip hop theater. His latest work, ‘Universal Filipino,’ is a solo theatrical piece debuting in New York this weekend. Jocelyn Gonzales sat down with Bautista to find out more about his background and art in an interview for TheFilAm.

Festival Highlights Asian Culture & Immigrant Advocacy in NY: An Audio Slideshow

Posted on: 10 May 2010

The sights and sounds of the 31st annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival in New York City.

New York Exhibit Uses Innovative Technology to Create Soundscape of Immigrant Stories

Posted on: 17 Nov 2009

Our own Jocelyn Gonzales visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan to check out a new interactive exhibit called Voices of Liberty.

FI2W Video: New York March for Worker and Immigrant Rights in Union Square

Posted on: 01 May 2009

A second pro-immigration reform rally took place in New York in Union Square on Friday. While attendance was sparse in the early afternoon, more activist groups had arrived by the time speeches and performances begun at 4 pm, amid chants of “Sí, se puede” (“Yes, we can”.) Rain came soon and forced protesters to duck […]