My Hijab, My Body – The Journey of a Tattooed Yemeni Feminist: The Fi2W Podcast

“I’m the one that’s struggling to live between two worlds, people think I have two identities, I don’t. You compromise.”

A young woman leaves her family’s home in Brooklyn every morning wearing a hijab around her head and an abaya, a floor-length dress intended to protect her modesty as a Muslim woman.  But when she gets to the subway, she makes the switch.

She arrives at her job in Manhattan with her head uncovered.

“When I first took [the hijab] off, I felt it was such an elaborate performance, but after two or three months, I’m so quick with it, I’m like a little ninja, you’ll be shocked how fast I do it, I remember a woman looked at me and was like ‘did I just see this girl?'”

Reporter Tahini Rahman produced our story about how a young Muslim woman struggles to reconcile being the person she wants to be and the woman her parents want her to be.

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This podcast is part of a series produced in the Telling Immigrant Stories course at The New School.

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AboutTahini Rahman
Tahini is a third culture kid, foodie, and a recent New School grad. While at The New School, she pursued her MS in Nonprofit Management, focusing on youth and women empowerment, and specifically, gender issues. She has lived in 5 different continents and has a passion for learning languages and discovering the top “foodie” places in New York, around the US, and the world.