99 Cent Store – The Fi2W Podcast

Oscar playing in his mom’s 99 cent store; photo: Tiu Wu

When Tiu Wu moved from China to New York City to attend grad school, one of the things that first struck him was the large number of immigrant-owned small businesses.

It was the 99 cent stores that really got his attention.  There are so many discount stores in his neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, all selling the same thing.

While most people just run into their local 99 cent store to grab some cleaning supplies or stationary, Tiu decided to hang out for a while. This is where he met the owner Lucy and her son Oscar.

In his first podcast, Tiu takes us into the surprising world that bubbles inside a store that provides cheap merchandise to people on tight budgets, as well as an opportunity for the owner’s family to stay together.

This podcast is the second in a series that was produced as part of the Telling Immigrant Stories course at The New School.

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AboutTiu Wu
Tiu Wu is a masters student in sociology at The New School for Social Research. His main areas of interest are migrant experiences and race relations.