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Podcast: Saving Pearl River Mart, A Personal History of NYC’s Legendary Chinese Department Store

Producer Michelle Chen tells the surprising story behind her family’s famous store.


99 Cent Store – The Fi2W Podcast

A sound-rich journey into a world full of surprises.


Chinatown – A Last Holdout for NYC Smokers

In parks, subway stations, even restaurants, cigarette smoking is still common among Chinese-speaking residents.


Audio postcard: An Irish Pub in the Heart of Brooklyn’s 8th Avenue Chinatown

Listen to the sounds of Brooklyn’s Soccer Tavern, an 84-year-old bar with deep immigrant roots.

Chinatown’s Reinvented Economy – New Businesses, New Immigrants, New Growth

Chinatown’s economy is in transition as bus companies, wedding services and food production soar, serving communities across the northeast.


Chinatown Rings in the Year of the Dragon

Thousands of New Yorkers celebrated the arrival of the Year of the Dragon over the past two weeks. Reporter Larry Tung was one of them, and he brings us an audio slideshow from the annual Chinese New Year parade in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

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Podcast: Year of the Dragon Special – The Best Regional Chinese Restaurants in Flushing

We bring you on a culinary tour of China—all around the 7 train stop in Flushing Queens. Plus, you’ll hear about the reinvention of Dim Sum in Manhattan’s Chinatown, and special Chinese New Year dishes.

Activists Say Chinatown Should Get Special Zoning

Community organizers and preservationists say Chinatown needs special zoning to maintain its character and long-term residents. They want 50 percent of units in new housing developments to be set aside for low income tenants.

Podcast: The Future of Journalism Can Be Found in Chinatown

Chinatown in Lower Manhattan is not just about great dumplings and shopping. A new “hyperlocal” website, OurChinatown.org, aims to provide a fuller picture of the community.

With a Shrinking Immigrant Population, Manhattan’s Chinatown Ponders Future

Manhattan’s Chinatown lost population over the past decade. New Census figures showing the decline have added to an intense debate about the future of the historic neighborhood.