Podcast: The Future of Journalism Can Be Found in Chinatown

Jeff Yang talks about OurChinatown

Jeff Yang talks about OurChinatown.org on the Fi2W podcast. (Photo: Sarah Kate Kramer)

To outsiders, Chinatown in Lower Manhattan can be hard to penetrate. To insiders, Chinatown often feels like a steaming stew of alliances and tensions.

OurChinatown.org, a hyperlocal journalism project, is trying to change that. It’s a project that’s meant to spark debate and conversation within the Chinatown community, as well as reshape conceptions among outsiders of what Chinatown is, and the people who live and work in the neighborhood. OurChinatown.org provides original reporting while also aggregating top stories from five major Chinese-language papers serving the community.

The online newspaper, is an initiative of the Asian American Journalists Association’s Executive Leadership Program. Bilingual reporters are doing street-level beat reporting, filing text, audio and video via smartphone. Forget the dumplings, cutting-edge journalism is now being served in Chinatown.

Listen to Jeff Yang, one of the creators of OurChinatown.org, speak with Fi2W’s John Rudolph about the project on the Feet in Two Worlds podcast.

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