I Feel Like I’m Home – The Fi2W Podcast

A community program at India Home. Photo: Preston Merchant

We all live like one family in India Home.”

Growing old is tough. It’s even more of a challenge when you’ve immigrated to a new country, been separated from family and friends, and are adjusting to a different language and culture.

Senior citizens from India and across South Asia who have immigrated to New York City have found an antidote to loneliness and isolation at India Home, a series of community centers in Queens.

Reporters Sruti Penumetsa and Alex Wynn produced an audio portrait of this unique program that offers everything from classes in Yoga and Ayurvedic practices to comfort food and information on social services.

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This podcast by Sruti Penumetsa and Alex Wynn is part of a series produced in the Telling Immigrant Stories course at The New School.

Alex Wynn is currently a Masters candidate in International Affairs at The New School. Her background is in international humanitarian aid work, focusing on refugees and issues of forced migration and displacement.

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AboutSruti Penumetsa
Sruti Penumetsa is a Masters candidate in Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons School for Design, The New School, New York. Her experience as an architect and currently as an Urbanist drives her passion for public spaces. She currently find herself embedded in the intersection of participatory design and civic engaged public spaces to nurture community development.