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Mohammed Ahsanul ocean
"A Better Life?"AudioStories

I Want to Stay Here, Just Not Forever: “A Better Life?” Podcast

Covid’s impact on an international student in Wyoming

Colorful Muslim Family

Coming of Age as an American Muslim Woman in post-9/11 America

“I finally feel like I have the tools and agency to share the stories of my fellow Muslims”

A group of Desi-American activists don signs of welcome to immigrants
"A Better Life?"AudioStories

Desi Voters, COVID-19, and the 2020 Election: Episode 10 of our Podcast Series, “A Better Life?”

New Jersey shows the potential of South Asian political power in the US, as well as the pitfalls.


Fi2W on the Radio: Mosques Go Virtual During a COVID-19 Ramadan

Nargis Rahman reports for Michigan Radio on how Muslims are celebrating Ramadan virtually.


Redefining Ramadan in the Era of Social Distancing

Former Fi2W fellow Nargis Rahman on how COVID-19 is redefining spirituality for her Muslim American family.

A building in shadow in Detroit, with the sun behind it.

Celebrating Ramadan Under the Shadow of COVID-19

Former Fi2W fellow Nargis Rahman reports from Detroit.

A03D9A6ABismallah Kabob n Curry Cafe

A Halal Restaurant Helps Build a Community in Suburban Detroit

A radio story from the Fi2W food journalism fellowship at WDET.

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The Craft of Cakes, a Unique Expression of Bangladeshi Identity – Fi2W on the Radio

A profile of Shamsun Nehar, an engineer by day and a cake baker by night.

Nargis’featured photo

Diversity Led Me to Becoming a Bangladeshi American Muslim Journalist

The first installment of Nargis Rahman’s Detroit diary.