Latino Businesses Flourish In Detroit: FI2W’s Martina Guzman on All Things Considered

Mexican Restaurant in Detroit - Photo: JS_Frank/Flickr

Mexican Restaurant in Detroit. (Photo: JS_Frank/Flickr)

In a metropolitan area with a staggering official unemployment rate of 15.5 percent, (though many believe it to be much higher), Detroit is not considered to be a growing commerce hub.

Yet the Latino community is booming there—and hundreds of these immigrants have opened their own food-related businesses. Demand for Mexican food has stimulated entrepreneurship and economic growth. While the city’s overall economy continues to shrink, the Mexican community is the exception, seeing a 34 percent increase in small business development in just three years.

FI2W’s Martina Guzman took a walk through Detroit’s “Mexican Town,” and produced this story for NPR’s All Things Considered.

Listen to the story.

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