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Immigrant Stories from Feet in 2 Worlds on Public Radio Today

You can hear four different Fi2W stories across the country today on public radio. We link to them inside.

"The beautiful belly dancer spins," by tibchris/flickr.

Podcast: Immigrant Dance Summer Special

From Tango in New York to Belly Dancing in Detroit, this episode of the Fi2W podcast brings you our radio stories about dance in immigrant communities.

Erick De Leon

A Mexican Immigrant Wears Detroit’s Golden Gloves

A gym in Southwest Detroit serving the Mexican immigrant community has cultivated a star, 18 year old Erick De Leon. But as a non-citizen, De Leon’s opportunities are limited.

Mexican Restaurant in Detroit - Photo: JS_Frank/Flickr

Latino Businesses Flourish In Detroit: FI2W’s Martina Guzman on All Things Considered

The demand for Mexican food has stimulated entrepreneurship and economic growth in Detroit.

"The beautiful belly dancer spins," by tibchris/flickr.

Belly Dancers in Detroit: Fi2W’s Martina Guzmán on WDET’s The Craig Fahle Show

If you want to make a living as a belly dancer, Detroit is the place to be, according to the latest radio piece by Fi2W and WDET reporter Martina Guzman.


Artists Mix Spanish Accent with Industrial Legacy: FI2W’s Martina Guzmán on WDET’s Detroit Today

(Photo: Thomªs/Flickr - Click to visit photo page)

(Photo: Thomªs/Flickr - Click to visit photo page)

Feet in 2 Worlds reporter Martina Guzmán reported Thursday on WDET’s Detroit Today on, “techno artists who once spun records in Detroit basements, abandoned warehouses and after-hours clubs and are now considered royalty on the electronic dance club circuit in Japan and Europe.”

In her report, Martina narrates how the artists’ sound was, “influenced by automobile assembly lines and the city that now has a Spanish accent,” according to Detroit Today‘s webpage

You can listen to the piece here or visit WDET’s site for the whole show.


Helping Haitians to Help Themselves: FI2W’s Martina Guzmán on WDET’s Detroit Today

The Detroit non-profit brings health care and medicines to Mirebalais, a town in Haiti - Photo: Haiti Outreach Mission.

The Detroit non-profit brings health care and medicines to Mirebalais, a town in Haiti. (Photo: Haiti Outreach)

Non-profit group Haiti Outreach, based out of St. Blase Church on Detroit’s east side, sends physicians and medical supplies to Mirebalais, a remote town in Haiti.

In a new piece for Detroit public radio’s Detroit Today show, Feet in 2 Worlds and WDET reporter Martina Guzmán reports on the group and its missions to Haiti, where people “will do anything to see a physician,” including standing in a mile-long line, say members Dominique Monde and Soledad Nelson.

“The relationship between both communities is mutually beneficial –reports Martina–. By helping a town in Haiti, Haitian-Americans help themselves maintain their identity.”

You can hear the piece below or visit Detroit Today’s webpage.


Hispanic Businesses Fight Downturn in Detroit: FI2W's Martina Guzmán on Latino USA


Mexican Town, Detroit (Photo: Girl.in.the.D/flickr)

Nationally-syndicated radio show Latino USA featured one of FI2W reporter Martina Guzmán’s recent pieces this weekend.

You can listen to it here:

From Latino USA‘s website:

“The numbers are bad, and they just keep coming. Home Depot reports 7,000 jobs lost, and as Circuit City closes its doors, 4,000 more disappear. Car sales haven’t been this low in 27 years, and everywhere we look there are more signs of the times. In south Boston, Esther’s Country Kitchen leaves a note on the door reading, ‘Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel is being turned off.’ Still, Americans continue to look for a bright spot. Some are finding a glimmer in what might seem to be a surprising place: immigrant neighborhoods.

“As part of Latino USA’s ongoing series focused on immigrants, New American Voices, we take a look at Detroit, and the dynamics of immigrant businesses inside their communities and beyond. Though Michigan’s unemployment rate is hovering at 10%, and people are leaving the state in droves, there is also an influx of immigrants. Martina Guzman reports on one community in Detroit that is holding the torch for Michigan with energy and undeniable growth.”

You can also listen to a conversation between Latino USA anchor María Hinojosa and John Austin of the New Economy Initiative For South East Michigan about how immigrant businesses help the city’s economy.

The interview is on this page, where you can also listen to the whole show.

Feet in Two Worlds

Immigrant Family Keeps The Art of Rug Weaving Alive in Detroit: Martina Guzmán on WDET

Handmade rugs from around the world have made their way into the homes of metro Detroiters, collectors and art aficionados across the United States thanks to the Hagopians, an Armenian family from Detroit.

Feet In 2 Worlds reporter Martina Guzmán aired a report last week on WDET, Detroit Public Radio, about the Hagopian family’s commitment to keeping the art of rug weaving alive and the annual rug design competition at the College for Creative Studies that has influenced hundreds of young artists.

In her piece for the Detroit Today show, Martina reports,

The Hagopian store in Birmingham is alive with color. Persian, Turkish and Armenian rugs in ornate, geometric and floral patterns hang like paintings in the main floor of the show room. The colors include vibrant blues, reds, sage, and clay tones.

The store looks more like a museum gallery than a show room. And that’s the idea. The Hagopian family wants people who visit its store to understand that the rugs are arduous, time consuming pieces of art steeped in culture and tradition.

To listen to the report, click play below. You can also visit the Detroit Today website here.



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Hispanics Suffer Crisis In The Auto Industry: Martina Guzmán on WDET, Detroit Public Radio

Detroit public radio WDET today aired a piece by Feet In 2 Worlds reporter Martina Guzmán on the plight of Hispanic autoworkers and business owners who are suffering the crisis in the auto industry.

From the webpage of Detroit Today, hosted by Craig Fahle:

For decades Latino immigrants have achieved the American dream through the U.S. Auto Industry. At roughly 12 percent of the total U.S. manufacturing work force, Latinos acquired wealth and stability through good salaries, health benefits, union membership and a way to send the next generation to college. Now, all of that is in jeopardy with the Big 3 near collapse. As part of our occasional series, Feet in Two Worlds, WDET’s Martina Guzman reports on what Hispanic autoworkers are experiencing in the wake of the automotive crisis.

You can hear the story by pressing Play below:


And you can read Martina’s post on the same subject from earlier this week here.