Podcast: The Story Behind NY’s Suspension of Secure Communities

Immigrant advocates protest the Secure Communities program in New York State

Immigrant advocates protest the Secure Communities program in New York State. (Photo: Catalina Jaramillo)

New York officials announced on June 1 that the state is suspending its participation in Secure Communities.  The federal program is a key component of the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement strategy.

The decision by Governor Andrew Cuomo followed months of criticism of the program by immigrant advocates and Latino elected officials, and makes New York the second state after Illinois and the District of Columbia to pull out of the program.  Governor Deval Patrick has refused to sign an agreement with the federal government to activate Secure Communities in Massachusetts.  But federal officials say Massachusetts must join the program.

In this podcast, Feet in Two Worlds explores the politics behind New York’s move, and the implications for the Obama administration’s immigration policies.   Listen to Fi2W executive producer John Rudolph in conversation with two journalists who have been covering the Secure Communities story:  Catalina Jaramillo, a reporter with the Spanish-language daily El Diario, and the paper’s editorial page editor Maibe Ponet.

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