Slide Show: In Gentrified Williamsburg, Latino Community Fights to Maintain its Identity

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Old time residents of South Williamsburg playing dominos on the street. (Photo: Sara Loscos)

Since 1972, the non-profit organization Los Sures has been helping to rebuild the south side of Williamsburg, a Brooklyn neighborhood undergoing rapid gentrification.  Los Sures offers affordable housing, social services and legal assistance to old time residents who do not want to give up their homes.

Ramon Peguero, director of Los Sures, says gentrification is positive in some aspects, and since most of the long time residents are immigrants themselves they are very welcoming because they know what it takes to be accepted. “However, one thing is to open your arms and a different one is when someone tries to erase your identity,” Peguero says.

Preserving the neighborhood’s Latino identity is one of the goals of the Los Sures museum, which opened last year at 120 South First Street in Williamsburg.

In this audio slide show the director of Los Sures guides us on a walk through a neighborhood full of contrasts, recalling the story of the Hispanic community of South Williamsburg since the 1970s.  Peguero highlights the determination of Latino residents to stay in the area and hold on to their identity.

“The people who are coming in are standing on the shoulders of people who gave their lives, some of them gave their sweat, some of them gave their families up… and this is very precious. So to give it up, to allow this to be taken without a fight… I don’t see that happening in this community,” Peguero says.

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