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Aurora Anaya-Cerdo

A Spanish Language Bookstore Opens In ‘El Barrio,’ Aspires To Be Community Center For Latinos

The opening of La Casa Azul is the result of an eleven-year odyssey for its owner, Aurora Anaya-Cerda, who hopes the bookstore will become a neighborhood institution.


New Book Highlights Those Who Successfully Navigated the Immigration System

Green Card Stories, by journalist Saundra Amrhein, tells the stories of 50 people who climbed their way through the immigration law jungle.

Remé Grefalda in the Library of Congress (Photo: Erwin de Leon)

Hunter for Asian American Immigrant Stories Finds A Home @ the Library of Congress

Remé Grefalda is constantly on the lookout for books, publications, documents and other ephemera that preserve the Asian immigrant experience. She is the driving force behind a new collection at the Library of Congress -the Asian-American Pacific Islander Collection