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Net Zero Migration Still Leaves 11 Million Unauthorized Immigrants

Even though the number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. has stabilized, Erwin de Leon argues comprehensive immigration reform is still needed.


Watch the Fi2W Forum – The Detention Dilemma: Families, Security and Immigrant Rights

Feet in 2 Worlds is hosting a forum on immigrant detentions at The New School on Thursday, February 23, from 6-8 PM.

The Valle brothers

The Morton Memo In Action, Deportation Reprieves Granted, But Immigrants Remain in Limbo

Deportation proceedings against two New Jersey brothers have been suspended, but they face an uncertain future under the Obama administration’s policy of prosecutorial discretion.

The Secure Communities program sends fingerprints to a DHS database to check for immigration status. (Photo: Jeff Eaton/flickr)

More Confusion Over Secure Communities: Did NY Make a Special Deal with Washington?

It’s not clear if New York has the power to opt out of the federal program designed to find and deport undocumented immigrants who have committed serious crimes. Immigrant advocates say Secure Communities is being used against people who only committed minor offenses.

ICE agents arrest an immigrant in Southern California - Photo: ICE.

Immigration Agency Denies Deportation Quotas After Memo Is Leaked

ICE chief John Morton quickly denied the agency sets quotas for deportations, after a Washington Post story revealed an internal memo stating just that.

Border Patrol truck - Photo: esteban_/flickr

Border Patrol Backtracks on Teenagers’ Deportation, Brings Them Back to U.S.

Two teenagers are quickly deported after being stopped when going home after a soccer game, in a case that shows the challenges of growing up undocumented in the U.S.

Report authors and ABA members discuss the immigration court system - Photo: ABA.

Report: Immigration Court System Faces “Exploding” Caseload, Needs Reform

Immigration courts face an “exploding” caseload where each person’s fate depends largely on who hears their case and 84% of detained respondents don’t even have representation, a report says.

Jean Montrevil meets Rev. Donna Schaper of the Judson Memorial Church – Photo: The New Sanctuary Movement.

Freed After Haitian Tragedy, Activist to Demonstrate in the Shadow of Immigration Detention Center

On New Year’s Day, Jean Montrevil was detained in an immigration lockup. Less than a month later, after being freed following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, he will stand outside another jail where immigrants are held to protest the laws that placed him a breath away from deportation.

Jean Montrevil with his wife Janay and two of their four children – Photo: NSC

After Years Dreading Deportation, New York Activist is Detained by ICE and Could Be Sent to Haiti

Jean Montrevil, a founder of the local branch of the New Sanctuary Coalition and a legal U.S. resident born in Haiti, was detained by immigration authorities on Dec. 30 during one of his monthly check-ins and is now awaiting deportation at a York, Pa., jail.

Voluntary Deportation: ICE's Latest Scheme to Combat Unlawful Immigration

Could the nation’s undocumented immigrants please stand up? The government will be happy to deport you.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) will encourage the nation’s roughly 12 million undocumented immigrants to voluntarily turn themselves into immigration authorities for deportation in the coming months in an unorthodox new program designed to help the agency combat unauthorized immigration.

ICE Director Julie Myers leaked the new federal effort on Univision this past Sunday at the end of an interview with Jorge Ramos, the anchor of the popular public affairs show ‘Al Punto’ and in advance of an anticipated formal announcement next week.

Entitled ‘Operation Scheduled Departure,’ the still-unannounced program would allow undocumented immigrants without criminal records to turn themselves in at Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices nationwide. In exchange for ‘self-deporting’, the immigrants would be processed and get a few weeks to pack their belongings and get their affairs in order before leaving the country – without being put in a detention facility.

The program does not provide any other incentive for undocumented immigrants to volunteer to leave the country through the program.