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Commentary: Legal Violence Against Immigrants and Their Families

A new report argues that immigration enforcement is a kind of legal violence inflicted upon immigrants and their families. Erwin de Leon says it hurts the nation as a whole.

De Leon: Rocking the Boat, and the Vote, for a Dream

President Obama holds the power to realize the ultimate dreams of undocumented youth—but he’s choosing not to wield it.

Out of Status: A Bittersweet Memoir of Hope, Family Devotion and One Deportation after Another

A Filipino immigrant’s new memoir tells her family’s struggle to remain in the U.S. legally.

De Leon: Please Etch-A-Sketch Away the Self-Deportation Myth

A new report from the Immigration Policy Center dismantles the “attrition through enforcement” theory professed by Mitt Romney.


Forum Takes Critical Look at Immigrant Detentions

Record numbers of immigrants are being detained and deported under President Obama’s get-tough immigration enforcement policy. Listen to a podcast of journalists and activists discussing disturbing abuses in the detention system.

The Plight of LGBT Immigrant Detainees

Advocates and politicians are calling for a government investigation into the alleged abuse of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender immigrants being held in detention centers.


2011 – A Year of Activism for the DREAM Act and Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Undocumented youth activists stepped up their game in 2011, organizing civil disobedience actions, online video campaigns, and support for state-level DREAM Acts that would aid in tuition-relief.

De Leon: Confusion and Frustration Over Obama’s Deportation Policy

Undocumented immigrants hopeful for a resolution of their legal status cannot count on the Obama administration’s new policy of prosecutorial discretion to solve their woes.

Obama’s Record on Immigration – Two Years In

According to a new report from the Immigration Policy Center the Obama administration scaled up its enforcement efforts to mollify critics in Congress.


Fear Over Secure Communities: More Immigrants Will Be Lost in Detention System

New York City Council member Ydanis Rodriguez says he will introduce a resolution calling on Governor Paterson to remove New York from the controversial immigration enforcement program known as Secure Communities.