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Forum Takes Critical Look at Immigrant Detentions

Record numbers of immigrants are being detained and deported under President Obama’s get-tough immigration enforcement policy. Listen to a podcast of journalists and activists discussing disturbing abuses in the detention system.


I am UndocuQueer – A Young, Undocumented, Gay Artist Advocates for the DREAM Act

Julio Salgado uses visual art to raise awareness about the challenges of being undocumented and gay.

The Morton Memo In Action, Deportation Reprieves Granted, But Immigrants Remain in Limbo

Deportation proceedings against two New Jersey brothers have been suspended, but they face an uncertain future under the Obama administration’s policy of prosecutorial discretion.


2011 – A Year of Activism for the DREAM Act and Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Undocumented youth activists stepped up their game in 2011, organizing civil disobedience actions, online video campaigns, and support for state-level DREAM Acts that would aid in tuition-relief.

De Leon: Confusion and Frustration Over Obama’s Deportation Policy

Undocumented immigrants hopeful for a resolution of their legal status cannot count on the Obama administration’s new policy of prosecutorial discretion to solve their woes.

Bill Limits Reach of Federal Immigration Authorities in City Jails

A new bill that would limit the cooperation between local jails and federal immigration enforcement was introduced in the New York City Council on Wednesday. A story from our partner, WNYC.

De Leon: Obama Administration Signals DREAMer Reprieve

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that undocumented children and youth eligible for the federal DREAM Act, as well as others not deemed to be serious criminal threats, will not be deported. Once their outstanding deportation cases are closed, these individuals will be able to apply for work authorization.

Despite State Concerns, U.S. Presses Ahead with Secure Communities

DHS says existing agreements with states to operate the immigration enforcement program are no longer needed. States have no choice but to share their fingerprint databases with the federal authorities.

The Morton Memo on Immigration Enforcement: What About Gay Families?

In his weekly column, Erwin de Leon looks at a recent memo from the head of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and its potential impact on gay binational couples.

Immigrant Advocates Hail Cuomo for Suspending Secure Communities in New York State

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that the federal program intended to deport serious criminals is not meeting its goal, and is undermining law enforcement in the state.