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Feeding the Street: The Untold Story of Women Vendors in New York 

NYC has about 25-thousand street vendors, nearly half are women.


It’s Tax Season, Even for Undocumented Immigrants

Listen to a report by Fi2W’s Aurora Almendral on PRI’s The World.

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Feet in 2 Worlds Introduces Food Tours of New York Immigrant Neighborhoods

Feet in 2 Worlds has teamed up with Streetwise New York to offer food tours in Queens this summer: “Eat the Street” in Jackson Heights, and “Mediterranean Flavors of Astoria.” Sign up today!

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Discovering Extraordinary Street Food and Immigration History in Jackson Heights

A tour offers delicious flavors and a deeper understanding of how one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world came to be.


A Quintessential NY Immigrant Neighborhood Through the Eyes of an Indian Immigrant

Writer Suketu Mehta arrived in Jackson Heights in 1977, having moved with his family from Mumbai. He recently toured the neighborhood with Urban Omnibus, an online publication of the Architectural League of New York focused on new ways of looking at and intervening in the built environment of New York.

Jackson Heights, Queens: A Babel Tower of Electoral Activity

JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY – Aswini Anburajan, FI2W reporter

Coming from Manhattan, you can feel the difference as you step off the subway platform at 72nd St. and Broadway in Queens.

A primarily ethnic community, Jackson Heights is home to, among many others, Colombian, Asian and South Asian immigrants.

Outside the polling place at P.S. 69, Spanish-language TV stations are interviewing voters. There are signs posted everywhere to let voters know interpreters are available, and the soundtrack of the street is a mix of languages.

Voters stream in and out of the polling site, pausing to talk to neighbors and the occasional reporter. Some people are just hanging out by parked cars, immigrants who can’t vote but are fascinated by the unfolding process of American democracy.