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Berna Rodriguez 2

United by Love, Separated by the Border and the Coronavirus

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Marriage Fraud: An Intimate Portrait of a Green Card Marriage

Despite severe penalties, marriage for money is common. But a fake marriage can come with real issues.


Separated by War, Immigrant Mother Weighs Returning to Her Husband in Syria or Keeping Her Baby Safe in the U.S.

It’s been two years since the uprising in Syria began. All of Ahlam’s family is in New York except her husband


For Some Latino Lovers Valentines Day is No Big Deal

Many of New York City’s Hispanic immigrants come from cultures where the holiday isn’t celebrated. It can make cross-cultural dating confusing.


Married to an American and Still Undocumented

Some immigrants fail to gain green cards after marrying U.S. citizens. Fi2W contributor Valeria Fernández looks at a new rule that could fix this problem.

Bridesmaid adjusts bride's veil

South Asian Families Ensure Their Children Have Royal Weddings–Even in the U.S.

Hosting weddings fit for kings and queens is a cherished tradition for South Asian immigrants in the U.S. and around the world.