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Latinos and the Next New York City Mayor’s Race

Angelo Falcón, President of the National Institute for Latino Policy, breaks down a NY1 News/Marist College poll released yesterday and sheds light on how Latinos may vote in the city’s 2013 election.


Bloomberg Promises Help For Immigrants

New York’s Mayor promised in his State of the City address to create a new program to help immigrant entrepreneurs open small businesses. The program’s details are still being worked out.

Immigrants are waiting for Congress to act on immigration reform - Photo: Korean Resource Center

A Flurry of Immigration Reform Legislation as Congress Goes Into Recess

Two new immigration bills have been introduced in the Senate. Meanwhile Bloomberg and Murdoch brought their pro-reform message to Congress.

Cynthia Otero With Her Son Christian at New York Immigration Reform Rally - Photo: Cristina DC Pastor

In a City of Immigrants, Support for a Middle Path for the Undocumented

New Yorkers take a centrist position on immigration reform.

Obama With Hispanic Caucus

Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform: Will It Meet Expectations?

Listen to Fi2W’s Valeria Fernandez speak on PRI’s The Takeway about President Obama and comprehensive immigration reform.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg spoke on Fox News in favor of national immigration reform

Bloomberg Joins Murdoch on Fox News to Push for Immigration Reform

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leading a coalition of mayors and powerful businessmen to push for immigration reform, as a way to stimulate the U.S. economy.