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Video: For Immigrant Women, Changes in Gender Roles

Immigrant women reflect on how immigrating to the U.S. has changed the way they think about their identity.


Podcast: A Journey of Self Discovery for the Son of African Immigrants

For Phillip Kisubika a late night taxi ride in Boston led to an exploration of his family’s roots.


Commentary: Princess Sofia, Disney, and American Latinos

The controversy over Disney’s Princess Sofia reflects misunderstandings about Latinos and race says Fi2W commentator Jack Tomas.


Feet in 2 Worlds Podcast: Female-Friendly Car Club Defies Lowrider Stereotypes

In San-Antonio, a group of female lowriders are holding their own in the macho world of car culture. Freelance reporter Veronica Zaragovia rides along with these women for the Fi2W Podcast.


Immigration News Picks: Bangladeshi vs Latino in Bronx Council Race, Indian-Americans on Prime Time and Last Night’s Debate

A video about the ethnic politics of a Bronx City Council race from our friends at Voices of NY, plus other stories of interest.


Podcast: For Mexican Immigrant Children in NY, Mariachi Music Helps to Maintain Cultural Ties

The Mariachi Academy of New York teaches kids how to play the famous style of Mexican folk music. It’s also a cultural bridge for the children of immigrants who want to remain connected to their parent’s homeland.

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Protection: A Photographic Look at Immigrant Life in Britain

Through intimate photos of her family, Kajal Nisha Patel explores what it means to be a British-born Asian woman.


Podcast: Can Immilounge become a Facebook for Immigrants?

Fi2W contributor Aswini Anburajan interviews Brian Nguah, a young entrepreneur and the founder of Immilounge, a new social network for immigrants.

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Feed Me a Story: Collecting America’s Culinary Heritage

Two women, inspired by their immigrant roots, undertake a project to document people’s family recipes using unorthodox methods.

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For Bilingual Viewers a Wider World of Olympic Sports Coverage

Those who can flip between NBC and Telemundo get a more complete view of the games in London.