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DREAM Act Timeline Tracks Immigration Reform Progress and Activism

A new interactive timeline charts the history of the DREAM Act.

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Commentary: Comparing Immigration Reform Proposals

This week, President Obama and the a bi-partisan group of senators offered competing plans for immigration reform. We give you a side by side comparison in a new infographic.

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Commentary: With Fiscal Cliff Averted, Is Congress Ready to Tackle Immigration Reform?

With so many competing priorities, Erwin de Leon asks if Congress will get to immigration reform any time soon.

A protest in favor of the DREAM Act

Obama’s Immigration Reprieve: ‘The Right Thing To Do,’ But Not Good Enough

Columnist Erwin De Leon writes that the new immigration policy for undocumented youth falls short because it lacks a path to citizenship.

Estamos Unidos

De Leon Commentary: ‘Estamos Unidos’ President Obama Woos En Español

The Obama campaign unleashed a $25 million advertising blitz targeting Latino voters in the battleground states of Florida, Nevada and Colorado.

President Barack Obama Approval Ratings by Race (Gallup)

De Leon: Why Latinos Are Not Into Obama

The latest Gallup poll shows a precipitous decline in Latino support for the President. Fi2W columnist Erwin de Leon says this should not come as a surprise for the man who once promised “si se puede.”

President Obama addressing El Paso in his immigration speech on May 10, 2011

Obama’s Speech on Immigration Intended for Many Audiences

The President addressed both supporters and opponents of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), as well as business owners and immigrants. In his speech, Mr. Obama asserted that CIR is a bipartisan issue.

Letters and pens for Obama to sign immigration reform - Photo: Cristina DC Pastor

Advocates Press Obama to Issue Executive Order on Immigration Reform

Advocates in New York are symbolically mailing pens to President Obama, urging him to use his executive powers to reform the federal immigration system.

Evo Morales - Photo: Sebastian Baryli/flickr

Bolivian President Evo Morales Tells Obama ‘Stop Deporting Immigrants’

Evo Morales, a man who rose from a poor indigenous family to become president of Bolivia, spoke of universal human rights when discussing U.S. immigration policy.

Obama With Hispanic Caucus

Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform: Will It Meet Expectations?

Listen to Fi2W’s Valeria Fernandez speak on PRI’s The Takeway about President Obama and comprehensive immigration reform.