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A Film for High School Students Tackles Misconceptions About Undocumented Immigrants

“Living Undocumented” tells the stories of six DREAMers who attended school in New York.

Young DREAM Act advocates follow the developments in the Senate on all types of media - Photo: Catalina Jaramillo

Youth Say Tabling DREAM Act a Good Decision

Young advocates for the DREAM Act say the postponement of a Senate vote gives them more time to convince senators of their cause.

A candlelight vigil for the Dream Act at St Theresa's Church in Manhattan - Photo: Braden Goyette

Before Vote, Final Prayers for DREAM Act

The night before both Houses of Congress were expected to vote on the Dream Act, supporters held candlelight vigils across the country to pray for its passage.

Documented and undocumented youth rally for passage of the Dream Act in Times Square - Photo: Sarah Kramer

DREAM Act Supporters Press for Vote in Lame Duck Session

Young people in New York are calling for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to bring the DREAM Act to a vote before Republicans assume the majority in the House in 2012.

Textbooks - Photo: Herzogbr/Flickr

California Says ‘Yes’ To In-State Tuition For Undocumented Immigrants

Cautiously optimistic advocates cheered the California Supreme Court’s decision on Monday to continue allowing undocumented students to pay in-state tuition rates to public colleges, assuming they attend high school in California for at least three years.

Dream Act Protesters Mohamed, Lizbeth, Tania and Shaira in Tucson, AZ - Photo: Valeria Fernandez

Civil Disobedience: Undocumented Youth Risk Deportation in Push for Immigration Reform

Young protesters and immigrant activists are increasingly turning to acts of civil disobedience, knowing that the result may be deportation for undocumented demonstrators.

(Photo: DreamActivist/Flickr)

Legalization of Undocumented Students Would Have Economic Benefits, Group Claims

The Dream Act would have direct economic benefits that would “boost the American middle class,” a new study says.

An event in support of the Dream Act in Los Angeles - Photo: Korean Resource Center/Flickr

Undocumented Immigrant Students Keep Up the Fight for Legalization Through Dream Act

Youngsters who are pushing for legislation that would allow undocumented students to become legal residents will hold events across the country next week to continue pushing for the bill’s approval.