Take the Fi2W Poll: What is the ‘American Dream’ for Today’s Immigrants?

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Even as Congress once again considers taking up immigration reform legislation, public opinion polls show a drop in the percentage of immigrants who have their eyes on becoming U.S. citizens. Instead, a growing number of immigrants say they would be satisfied by simply being allowed to work in the U.S. legally, and to come and go freely as their work requires.

What is happening to the American Dream?  Fi2W will explore this important question over the next few months, and you can help us!

Please answer our brief survey (see below). We’ll publish the results along with stories that highlight new perspectives on citizenship in the coming months.

Is the idea of success in America going through a radical transformation driven by economic necessity? Or have years of political intransigence on immigration reform taken their toll on the dreams of immigrants?

Complete the survey and join the conversation.

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