Utah Lawmakers Say ‘Don’t Call Us Arizona’


This man may be disappointed - SB 1070 copycat bills are likely - Photo: FibonacciBlue/Flickr

Some states are moving away from strict immigration enforcement bills like Arizona’s SB 1070. (Photo: FibonacciBlue/Flickr).

Feet in Two Worlds reporter Aswini Anburajan is guest blogging at The American Prospect this week. We’ll be linking to her posts as they roll out.

In the immigration debate, Utah seeks to distance itself from Arizona despite passing a bill Friday that, on the surface, resembles Arizona’s controverisal SB 1070. Utah’s law makes it permissible for law enforcement officers to inquire about immigration status during routine police checks, stops or arrests. The Utah “Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act” has all the trappings of a nativist push in one of the nation’s whitest states, but lawmakers stressed that the new bill took away language that made it appear as if they were endorsing racial profiling and said that the bill was being passed in conjunction with a guest worker bill.

So why does Utah appear to be a shrinking violet when it comes to taking a stand on immigration?

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