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Immigration News Picks: Latino Voters Might Swing Arizona, Utah Has Had Just 745 DACA Applicants

Eighty percent of Latino voters in Arizona say they are planning to vote for Obama. What could this mean for November?

A bill in the Texas legislature would punish employers who hire undocumented workers, except if they are maids, lawn caretakers or other domestic help

Texas Lawmaker Says Don’t Hire Undocumented Immigrants Except If They’re Low-Paid Domestic Workers

Immigration reform – Texas-style. A proposed bill would punish employers for hiring undocumented immigrants, except if they are domestic workers.


Utah Lawmakers Say ‘Don’t Call Us Arizona’

Feet in Two Worlds Reporter Aswini Anburajan is guest blogging at The American Prospect this week. We’ll be linking to her posts as they roll out.

It may not stop in Arizona - Photo: Fibonacci Blue/flickr

State and Local Proposals to Regulate Immigration on the Rise

A lack of federal action on immigration reform has created a vacuum which state legislators are rushing to fill. If the first two weeks are any indication, 2011 is going to be a headline-grabbing year for immigration.

Utah's Salt Lake Temple - Photo: JPStanley

As Utah Mulls Immigration Laws, Mormons Struggle to Stake Out Position

Church members are torn over the policy toward undocumented immigrants, and how to balance compassion and a conservative political ideology.