Group Representing 600 Children Of Immigrants Sues President Obama

By Diego Graglia, FI2W web editor

El Nuevo Herald)

American Fraternity's Nora Sándigo announces the lawsuit. (Photo: El Nuevo Herald)

In a move that was noticed almost exclusively by Spanish-language media, a Miami-based organization representing 600 children of immigrants has sued none other than President Barack Obama.

American Fraternity Inc. filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court to demand that President Obama stop the deportations of the children’s parents.

Two of the children said they started a hunger strike to ask that their mother not be deported to Nicaragua.

The organization’s executive director Nora Sándigo, who is the children’s legal guardian, told BBC Mundo:

Some of the kids are children of persons with a court date and imminent deportation proceedings, others have one of their parents in jail with a date for exiting the country already set.

But there’s also children who were left here when their mother or their father was deported some time ago, and others whose parents, knowing they do not have documentation and aware that the same will happen to them if Immigration catches them, joined (the suit) as a preventative measure.

All the minors are U.S. citizens, they live in a number of American states and their families trace their roots to various Latin American countries, the BBC‘s Carlos Ceresole noted.

The suit is intended to place the decision to halt the deportations on Obama’s desk. According to Spanish news service Agencia Efe, the president can make a decision if the Supreme Court allows the case to go forward.

“We do this not because we may be against him –Sándigo told Efe–, but so that he can use his authority to issue an executive order stopping deportations.”

Cecia Sosa, 12, and her brother Ronald, 9, said Tuesday they had initiated a hunger strike to prevent their mother from being deported on the scheduled date, which is tomorrow.

Cecia Soza, at right.

Cecia Soza, at right. (Photo: La Prensa, Nicaragua.)

“We’re doing a hunger strike to help my mom get out of jail,” a sobbing Cecia told The Associated Press. “I would do whatever it takes to get my mommy out… I want Obama to see me to help my mother.” The girl said she had only ingested liquids in the previous 24 hours.

The children’s mother, Maricela Sosa –who entered the U.S. on foot from Mexico in 1997–, was detained at the family’s Pompano Beach, Fla., home on Dec. 19. She had just taken Cecia to the school bus stop when Immigration officers took her away.

The children’s father Ronald, who is also undocumented, was staying at an undisclosed location for fear of being deported, The A.P. said.

American Fraternity had already filed a similar lawsuit against Pres. George W. Bush, but the Supreme Court rejected it on a technicality, according to the group’s lawyer Alfonso Oviedo Reyes.

The attorney said before the immigration laws of 1996 were passed, undocumented parents of American children had the right to have their deportation reviewed in court. They could obtain residency if they could show that they had been in the U.S. for over seven years, had good moral character, and the hardship inflicted on their kids by their deportation would be extreme.

“They had that right for over forty years, but with the immigration reform of 1996 that was taken from them and they didn’t get anything in return,” Oviedo Reyes said. “Congress shut down all the ways to obtain legal residency and that’s why the number of undocumented immigrants has increased.”

Congress also ruled that class-action immigration cases cannot be filed in federal courts; hence the only venue where they can be presented is the Supreme Court.

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  2. HernandezUSA

    Who, should be sued are the Companies that hire the illegal aliens for slave labor and enticed illegals to leave their home countries, instead of working fix their governments and having a better life in their home country.

  3. Delaware Bob

    (Edited for improper language.)

    If the parent (parents) are deported, they can take their ANCHORS. There is no law that says they can’t. This is just ANOTHER problem with his illegal immigration. I for one, am tired of these ILLEGAL ALIENS snubbing their nose at our immigration laws.

    An end MUST come to this illegal immigration. The perfect tool we have so far is E-Verify. It MUST be used by ALL businesses and Government Social Services. EVERY employee must be checked! If they are illegal, they are to be dismissed!

    I believe it is time for all 50 States to pass a State law, like Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and a few others. It is time for these ILLEGAL ALIENS to go back to their home Country and get out of this Country. The problems they are causing will not go away until the ILLEGAL ALIENS are out of this Country. Do Americans a favor and pick up your ANCHORS and ship out.

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  5. Ralph Trinity

    E-verify, in its current state, will do nothing to stop abusive employers from hiring or exploiting undocumented immigrants.

    There are 2 key problems with e-verify: (1) it often identifies U.S. citizens as ineligible to work because it depends on faulty databases and (2) it does nothing to prevent people from using false social security numbers or working off the books. So, if you make e-verify in its current condition mandatory to all employers, you wreak havoc on citizens already struggling to keep their jobs and allow employers to continue to hire the undocumented, at no consequence to them. How does that make any sense?

    And as a Christian and American, I care about the children of immigrants, millions of whom are U.S. citizens, no matter how many times decedents of immigrants want to call them names and labels that aim to dehumanize them. They are innocent and of God, and no one can take that away from them. In all other matters of public policy, the impact on children–the future of our nation– is taken into consideration, why not in the immigration context? I understand that some of their parents have violated immigration law, and we can’t just forgive that without consequences, but the consequences should fit the violation and not destroy whole families–forever–at our nation’s peril.

    C’mon, people! We’re sympathetic to parents who steal bread to feed their families–nobody says they should be punished forever… but we can’t have even a little compassion toward a parent who comes to the U.S. to work and buy that same bread for their families?! Even when a part of the reason why people come to the U.S. illegally has its roots in foreign and trade policy our own elected officials vote on and implement with our support? At the end of the day, we all share in responsibility for this problem, no matter how tempting it is to place 100% blame on the stranger in our midst…

    Anyone who believes we can deport our way out of this problem, or hope that immigrants “self-deport,” or believe that U.S. citizen children will leave with their deported parents and never come back to the U.S. is either (1) fooling themselves or (2) is hiding their true dislike for immigrants and/or fear of U.S changing demographics behind catchy sound bites and non-solutions.

  6. I am interested in children of parents from other countries–where languages and customs are even far more removed than people from the Americas…

    If a minor child in the family is an American citizen; and the parents of such child prove themselves to be law abiding individuals (although they emigrated to our shores illegally): why can we not “register” them in an acceptable manner, contract with them to pay a “tax” or “penalty”, and enable them to go to the back of the line–in order to eventually apply for citizenship. Whether or not their minor children were actually born in the US; should they have been infants when they arrived–and now be 8,10, or 12 years old or more: they are AMERICAN culturally…Sending their parents away is cruel and unusual punishment for innocent infants, who would be temporarily (or permanently) orphaned!
    Furthermore, should such infants be deported to their country of origin, as well: they will undeniably be traumatized–permanently. WE MUST RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM, WHILE PRECLUDING FURTHER ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION TO OUR SHORES.

    Thank you.

  7. joselopez

    thanks to those who show shympaties to those poor children, god is going to take that in count…I’m an unducumented fhater and my family was totally finished two weeks ago, ICE came home took my pregnant wife in front of my two kids, one of them (6years old) grabbed her pijama and they pulled her by force even with my kid holding her pijama, so one of them pushed the kid away leaving him down in the driveway. Now she is in a shelter home in mexico, my kids alone with an older relative in home and me pactically nowhere… our only fault was to try to do things right we hired a supposed lawyer who filed bad case and we lose all rights we just gain an order of deportation. after living 25 yrs. in US is not easy to leave just like that, all my kids are US citizens and we are not criminals…I even coordinate all the food donations for the soldiers in Iraq and for the families of the victims of the 9/11 attack. through the company for which I worked, even when they wanted to not send these donations…but anyway thaks for all those who show a little of heart, God Bless You All…

  8. Obama is not at fault in this situation. This group is trying to bring this to a national level to stall or hinder the deportation of family. The real people at fault are the bosses who hire these illegal immigrants knowing that they can not provide papers. By doing so they will work them excessive hours and in terrible conditions.

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