Once Again, Obama Presses for Immigration Reform… to a Hispanic Audience

Obama once again comes out for immigration reform on Hispanic media. (Photo: The White House)

Obama once again comes out for immigration reform on Hispanic media. (Photo: The White House)

President Barack Obama is again insisting on keeping the pressure on Congress to pass immigration reform… on Spanish-language media.

Obama, in a conference call with Hispanic broadcasters Friday, said he hopes a comprehensive immigration reform bill will take shape by the end of this year or in early 2010.

As has happened in the past, the president has chosen media aimed at the Hispanic population to maintain his presence on this issue, while in mainstream appearances he is busy with other topics, like health care reform or the economy.

According to Spanish-language wire service Agencia EFE, Obama said immigration reform is “something we want to move forward on.

The president announced that, after last month’s first meeting with lawmakers on the issue, there will be more sessions to work on the details in the next few months.

“Our hope is to be able to have a bill ready for a vote and for moving forward in committees either at the end of the fall or very early next year,” said the president, according to the Spanish-language story.

“We’re going to have to keep the pressure for this happen,” added Obama.

The president asked Latinos to keep the pressure on both Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate and said he is confident “we can do it.”

“We are in a good position to be able to make serious progress”, he said.

Obama also noted his government has already made administrative changes to immigration-related programs –like those run by the Department of Homeland Security– to guarantee that “people are treated fairly and respectfully.”

Still, the president underlined once again that immigration reform will include measures to strengthen border security and fines for undocumented immigrants already in the U.S., who will have to go back “to the end of the line.”


  1. Cohen

    A comprehensive immigration reform must take place this year. No more delays and excuses! It is the right thing to do! Millions of hard-working immigrants deserve a chance at the American dream!

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  3. Dave

    Immigration reform should be drafted and worked this 2009, next year it will be much more difficult.

    Please pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform this year!

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  5. Rhoul

    The hearings for the Immigration Reform should commence as soon as possible. Next year is senate election year, which means that senators will be with there hands tied trying to keep their posts.

    Lets make this happen!!

    Support the DREAM Act

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  7. Christina

    I am married to an illegal immigrant and I am hope that a law will be passed that will allow illegal spouses to stay with their families. I don’t care how much of a fine we have to pay as long as my husband can be here with me. We have been together for 11 years and have a daughter and son. Why do i have to be scared all the time wondering if my husband will be taken away and i will lose everything!

  8. Wendy Hess



    I MUST get my HUSBAND BACK FROM MEXICO, he WAS Deported based on illegal presence, never hurt a fly, not even a speeding ticket.

    I am Disabled, 2 small children with this man and it is Very DANGEROUS where he is staying in Mexico.

    I cannot go and see him anymore (he has a 10 year barr ABSURED!)

    We need Daddy BACK!

    12 million in the US right? what if only HALF that step up, and are charged a fine of $2000.00 bucks each? do the MATH, 6 million times $2000.00 i think is 20 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

    Could we not use that?

    And that does not even enclued people in MY situation

    (i think it is several million….times $2000.00)


    Why isnt anyone looking at the MATH?

    Lets Bring It ON!!!!

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