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Stories about Asian immigrant communities.

Education Challenges Ahead for Many Immigrant Youth

Regardless of their immigration status, immigrant youth face a variety of hurdles in school.

At the Heart of Immigration Reform, a Law That Would Make Families Whole Again

Hundreds of thousands of immigrant rights supporters rallied before Capital Hill, Wednesday, in support of compassionate immigration reform.

Commentary: Where are Asian Americans in the Immigration Reform Debate?

As comprehensive immigration reform gains momentum, Fi2W’s Erwin de Leon asks why Asian Americans are missing from the discussion.

From the FilAm: “The Asian American in Isolation”

A young Filipino journalist writes about his battle with depression.

Food In 2 Worlds

The Story Behind Great Taste’s ‘Five Dumplings for a Dollar’ Deal

This Sunset Park eatery is known for dishing up the best dumplings in New York City. So why is its owner, Mr. Chen, barely breaking even?

Some 80 Candidates from Immigrant Communities are Running for Congress in Tuesday’s Election

Despite the high number of immigrant candidates, even if they all win on Nov. 6th Latinos and Asians will be underrepresented in Congress according to a new report.

Hurricane Sandy: The Storm’s Impact on Immigrant Workers and Organizations

“Yes, yes, of course we’re busy! We’re too busy to talk to you!”

Commentary: Between Obama and Romney, Choice Should Be Crystal Clear to Immigrants

Columnist Erwin de Leon has no doubt about who immigrants should vote for after watching the second presidential debate.


Immigration News Picks: Bangladeshi vs Latino in Bronx Council Race, Indian-Americans on Prime Time and Last Night’s Debate

A video about the ethnic politics of a Bronx City Council race from our friends at Voices of NY, plus other stories of interest.

Commentary: Survey Reveals Asians Are a Voting Bloc that Cannot Be Ignored

Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon says both parties need to wake up and start wooing Asian American voters. They could be the deciding factor in key battleground states.