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Fi2W on the Radio: The dessert with roots in the Dominican Republic that I will not give up

Fi2W’s food journalism fellow, Katherine Hernandez reported this story for PRI’s The World


Brokenhearted? Have a Heart Condition? A Botanica May Offer a Cure

Hundreds of stores selling herbal remedies offer emotional and spiritual support to Latino New Yorkers.

Yolanda's Cake
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Baking Fantasy Cakes, Celebrating Dominican Flavors

A photo essay that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Homesick: Dominican Poet Francis Mateo on Washington Heights, Nostalgia, and Identity

“My American Dream is creating … as an actor, as an artist as a poet.”

Food In 2 WorldsStories

Who is Working on Labor Day? ‘I Am’ say Immigrant Workers in NYC

For many food and restaurant workers, Labor Day means more work.


Exploring the Legacy of New York’s First Immigrant

Von Diaz reports for PRI’s The World on the first immigrant to set foot in Manhattan, a Dominican named Juan Rodriguez


A Dominican Son Strives to Live the “American Dream” for His Family & Himself

A video portrait of Nelson Andujar, an Ivy League graduate and the son of Dominican immigrants. While his friends move away for work he feels bound to his family and the Bronx.

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Food in 2 Worlds™ Podcast: Rediscovering NYC’s Forgotten Foods

Through interviews with elderly immigrants and other long-time New Yorkers, journalist Anne Noyes Saini is documenting the city’s vanishing food culture.